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A quick cash loan with guaranteed approval and affordable repayments is what a borrower, especially with bad credit or no credit history, wants in times of personal financial crisis. CapitalPaydayLoan, as a responsible online direct lender, understands urgent money needs very well and hence offers quick access to small cash advance loans (up to $1000), without any lengthy procedures or strict requirements that are typically associated with taking personal loans from banks.

Instant Payday Loans Online Guaranteed Approval

An online cash advance from CapitalPaydayLoan is a short-term guaranteed payday loan that is designed for easy repayment on your next payday. It features an instant approval which is given immediately after verifications are done to ensure eligibility. The approval is guaranteed for all eligible borrowers applying for a loan within the assessed eligibility.

Advanced cash can be obtained with no hassles from us as your online payday loans direct lender, rather than from brokers and physical store-based lenders. While banks ask for good credit scores and may need collateral, physical loan places typically require you to stand in lines, wait for the approval and manually do the documentation. However, we at CapitalPaydayLoan offer cash advance loans which feature instant online approvals and direct deposit of cash within hours. Get a loan now to deal with short-term money needs – we offer you one of the shortest and fastest ways.

Looking for Guaranteed Payday Loans?

A short term financial option for majority of the American households and working class individuals with bad credit

CapitalPaydayLoan- Borrow Money Online Fast

Single Payday Lending Source

Bad credit accepted

Unlike banks, we as online direct lenders, welcome poor credit score holders and no credit history borrowers also.

Faster Loan Process

Safe lending process

We care for the privacy of your data. Therefore, we protect your information from unauthorized access by third-party lenders or payday cash advance loan brokers, using the latest 256-bit encryption technology.

Better Personal Loan Option

Faxless loan application

Our direct payday loans are free from paperwork. There is no loan application fee; the online form can be accessed and submitted 24/7 from the convenience of your home, without any faxing.

Suitable for Any Emergency

Instant approval

No more wasting time searching for a "cash advance near me" over the internet - all our guaranteed loans come with quick online approvals within minutes of submitting your cash loan application.

Direct Deposit Payday Loans

Direct payday lenders

Many borrowers, in times of crisis, rely on CapitalPaydayLoan because we offer risk-free paycheck loans at affordable rates on transparent terms with no hidden fees and no collateral requirements.

Assured Approval

Fast funding

We provide guaranteed loan approval with no hard credit check so that you get the loan money in your account within hours or by the next business day. However, we perform soft credit checks to ensure your ability to pay back the loans responsibly.

How to Qualify for Direct Lender Payday Loans

Qualifying for an online payday advance from Capital Payday Loans is easy, thanks to simple loan requirements and assured approval even for people with poor credit. Besides, we are a legitimate online loans direct lender needing no third-party involvement and therefore, we do not sell your information to other loan lenders. To obtain payday loans from us, you must be:

  • Legally 18 years of age and a verified citizen of US
  • Working in the US and earning at least $1,000 a month
  • Employed for at least three months with the same employer
  • Possess an active checking account in your name

Do not wait in lines to get a loan. Apply for an online cash advance upto $1000 from CapitalPaydayLoan- the direct lender - and get guaranteed loan approval with no hard credit checks, the same day as you apply for your loan.

Guaranteed Payday Loans No Matter What - Direct Lenders, No Third Party, No Denial

When you seek reliability, you want a guaranteed payday loan and we understand this fact. A legitimate no denial payday lender is the only way to go as brokers only forward the offer that their lenders make. But by eliminating any third-party, you reduce one stage of communication and save yyourself from a commission too! With us you’re getting a guaranteed payday loan no matter what, as long as yhou meet our simple eligibility requirements as mentioned above. With no third-party involvement, you have no chances of denial of the loan and no gap in communication.

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