What Makes Direct Lender Loans the Best Choice?

When you're in need of funds, but traditional loans are not an option, chances are that you shall be looking for a direct lender loan. A traditional loan may not be available to you or useful for you due to one or more of these reasons:

  • A poor credit history/score
  • No previous credit history combined with not having an income from a source that a traditional lender accepts
  • Lack of necessary documentation/qualification required by traditional loans
  • Urgent need for funds without the time to wait for approval and deposit of a traditional loan
  • Unwillingness to go through the complex process of traditional loans.

Typically, a trusted direct payday loan lender is able to address all these issues and hence services of many such lenders have seen growing demand in recent years.

These direct lender loans can be procured from the lender directly or through third-party sources like mortgage brokers and matching services.

As you read ahead, you shall find a vast number of reasons to choose direct payday loan lenders over third-party brokers and matching services.

direct lender loans the best choice

More Affordable than Loans from Brokers

Payday loans are a high risk product for lenders to offer. Since many safety mechanisms of a traditional loan are bypassed in order to enable service to a vast number of borrowers, the risk associated with the loan becomes relatively high as most borrowers tend to have poor repayment histories or credit scores. This high risk means that the lender is bound to charge high interest and fees on the loans, and that is what makes payday loans more expensive than traditional loans.

When you deal with a direct lender for a payday loan, the extra expenses like commissions and brokerage that the third-party entities charge are eliminated, thus allowing the direct payday lender to offer a better deal on the loans, making them more affordable.

Choose Online Payday Loan Organizations for Safety and Convenience

Available as physical store-based and web-based services, loans from direct payday loan lenders with no third-party involvement have more added benefits apart from just the affordability. Choosing to transact directly with the lender can make your transaction quicker and easier.

However, the most important factor to consider while choosing a direct lender is loan safety. There are many loan offers out there, but knowing which ones come from a legitimate lender, is important as you choose a direct lender for your loan.

Choosing an online lender is helpful, as you can view customer reviews and verify the security and standard of the lender's website to get a good hint about the lender's legitimacy.

Also, when you opt for online payday loan organizations, you can enjoy unmatched convenience, and for many borrowers choosing direct lender loans, this convenience may be of utmost importance.

Guaranteed Payday Loans from Direct Lenders

For many borrowers of payday loans, it is very essential to get their loan approved as they choose the rather expensive payday loans only in emergencies. Payday loans have a certain risk of non-repayment due to them being open to bad credit borrowers. Still, the risk is limited in the way that the amount is typically restricted to $500 or $1,000, depending on state laws and lender limitations. Some states may add further restrictions too.

Considering this, some of the experienced and service-oriented lenders, such as us at CapitalPaydayLoan, extend a guarantee to all eligible borrowers. If the loan applied for is considered safe for the borrower to return on time, eligible borrowers are guaranteed approval of their payday loan by us as your direct lender, subject to the provision of genuine and complete details and documentation.

guaranteed payday loans from direct lenders

Guaranteed Installment Loans

We go a step ahead of what most of the trusted and established direct lenders like us offer. We also extend a similar guarantee on the approval of short-term installment loans. We offer 3, 6 and even 12-month tenures of monthly and bi-monthly repayment loans on which a similar guarantee of approvals is applicable. This flexibility can be of great use to you when you need a slightly higher amount of a loan that you can repay over a longer time duration.

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Select Direct Lenders who offer 2nd Chance Payday Loans

We at CapitalPaydayLoan offer second chance as well as last chance payday loans. No matter how many rejections you've faced in the past and for whatever reasons those rejections may have been, our loan approval and assessment policy and procedure remain absolutely independent of that. Many direct lenders do not offer this level of customer-friendly services, but with us as your trusted lender, rest assured that we maintain our process of assessment absolutely independent of your borrowing history.

Loans with No Credit Checks

Payday loans with no credit checks help you not just by welcoming your application despite a bad credit performance but by eliminating the time that a credit check adds to the lending process as well as by allowing you not to feature your loan application on your credit history.

When an individual with a poor credit score applies for a loan, typically, this further dents their credit score. When you choose our no credit check loans, this simply doesn't happen.

No Denial Payday Loans are offered by Direct Lenders Only

Many lenders and brokers claim to offer payday loans with no denials. However, it's only registered direct lenders that can make the actual decision to provide this option to their borrowers. It must be the same as the "guaranteed payday loan" we explained above, just expressed in a more trending lingo.

Apply with a Direct Payday Loan Lender, No Third Party

Having read and understood the advantages of choosing us as your direct payday loan lender, you've probably made up your mind to take the next step and apply for a payday loan that involves no third-party entities. Congratulations! You're now just a step away from getting what you want. Simply hit the "Apply Now" button & you shall find a short and simple online application that provides us with all details we need to perform a brief check and get in touch with you to offer a loan to suit your needs.

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