What is a Bad Credit Payday Loan? How bad a Credit Score is accepted?

When you have a poor credit history, finding a loan becomes very difficult. Traditional loans close their doors to borrowers with bad credit scores. The most preferred loans for bad credit borrowers tend to be payday loans. Since direct lenders independent of any banks can use their discretion to offer bad credit payday loans (in states that authorize payday loans), they serve as a very commonly chosen borrowing option for people whose credit history doesn't allow them to find more affordable options.

Payday loan lenders can choose to accept low credit scores at their own discretion and at CapitalPaydayLoan, we welcome applicants irrespective of how low their credit score is. This means, that even if your credit score is around 200, we shall consider your application for our loans.

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Just 3 Steps get you a Bad Credit Loan

Step 1: Apply for the Loan

Our simple online loan application just takes 3 minutes to fill. The application is fully online and involves no faxing and no paperwork.

Step 2: Accept the Terms

Once all details and documents are verified, we contact you and offer what suits your requirements and eligibility the best. An electronic agreement details this offer and you simply have to agree to the terms and we initiate the transaction.

Step 3: Receive the Funds

All your work is already done by this stage. Shortly after you agree to our terms, the funds are credited directly to your bank account.

Guaranteed Approvals for Bad Credit Payday Loans?

Despite being a high risk offering, bad credit payday loans from CapitalPaydayLoan come with a guaranteed approval. What this means, is that if you meet our simple eligibility criteria for loans, we guarantee a loan approval up to an amount that our assessment system deems safe for you to borrow, given your current income.

Here are the eligibility criteria:

  • You need to provide your SSN
  • You must have an active bank account
  • You must be 18 years or older
  • You must have a stable income of $1000 or more per month
  • You must share verifiable contact details.

How do Instant Approval Loans with No Credit Check Work?

Instant approval loans are loans that have a very quick and lean process of approval. One of the ways in which these loans are tuned to be quick, is through eliminating the time-taking credit check process.

When you apply for a loan, our system verifies all submitted details for:

  • Completeness,
  • Validity, and
  • Authenticity

Once these aspects are verified, the information is tallied with our eligibility criteria and depending on that, your loan is approved or disapproved and if approved, then with absolutely no further delay, you receive the loan approval - this is what makes it an instant approval loan.

Can I Get an Online Loan on the Same Day?

Online loans from CapitalPaydayLoan have a reputation of being amongst the fastest reliable loan products in the market. Once you apply for a loan, a basic verification process as detailed in the previous section, has to be carried out. On holidays and off-working hours, this can sometimes get delayed due to certain third-party involvements.

Once your loan is approved after these verifications, given that our transactions are automated, the only other steps that may take time are:

  • Your acceptance of our loan agreement,
  • The credit of our transaction to your bank account.

So, for a same day credit of our online loans, we advise our borrowers to apply during early business hours of the day and stay connected to act promptly when required. However, since certain steps involve third-party intervention, it is not viable for us to commit that a loan shall be credited on the same day.

Looking For Bad Credit Payday Loans?

Conveniently find the money you need, despite what your credit history has been.

In an Emergency, I Need Cash Immediately. What Should I Do?

Our payday loans are often used by borrowers to address emergencies that need immediate availability of funds or cash. As discussed in the previous section, when in a hurry, the best one can do is to apply for a loan on the early business hours of the day and stay connected to be prompt on any follow-up steps that are needed for the loan to be processed. Apart from this, keeping documents and details handy during the loan application can be helpful too. This is a list of what we need:

  • Your phone number and email ID
  • Your SSN
  • A proof of age and identity
  • A bank account details and 3 month's statement
  • A proof of income (salary slip/pay stub for 3 months)

The better quality scans of documents you provide, the easier it gets for us to verify the documents. Also, documents issued more recently tend to be easier to verify than older ones so you can choose what to submit accordingly.

Why Choose CapitalPaydayLoan as Your Payday Loan Organization?

CapitalPaydayLoan is one of the most trusted payday loan organizations that has a reputation for fast transactions and fair transparency. Here are few of the most enjoyed benefits that we offer:

  • Fully online application
  • Get instant approvals
  • Guaranteed approval subject to eligibility
  • No credit checks
  • Poor credit scores accepted
  • Complete transparency
  • Easy to understand loan agreements
  • No faxing, no paperwork
bad credit loans Get $500 Payday Loan from Online Direct Lender- CapitalPaydayLoan

Apply Online for Your Bad Credit Payday Loan

Now that you have understood our services and the benefits of what we offer, you are well-equipped to take an informed decision. Applying online for a bad credit payday loan through CapitalPaydayLoan is a very simple task. Simply hit the "Apply Now" button and you shall be directed to the online loan application page which provides us all we need to get the process started, and we look forward to making a suitable offer for you, shortly!

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